Gas Safety Week 2018

Gas Safety Week 2018: Fighting for a Gas Safe Milton Keynes

We are proud to be supporting Gas Safety Week 2018, 17th – 23rd September.

Gas Safety Week is an annual awareness week targeting gas safety and consumer knowledge surrounding ongoing care of your gas appliances. It is coordinated by the Gas Safe Register (the official list of legal and registered gas engineers), of which Plumbing & Gas Solutions have been a member since it was formed.

As a commercial and domestic gas and heating contractor in Milton Keynes, every week our engineers encounter heating systems in dangerously defective states. Unfortunately, many of these pose a significant risk to the health and lives of tenants, employees and members of the public.

This Gas Safety Week, our mission is to educate individuals and businesses within Milton Keynes of their Gas Safety responsibilities, the dangers unsafe gas appliances pose and the simple steps they can take to reduce these risks. Our goal is for a gas safe Milton Keynes.

Across our social media channels, we will be educating you with simple tips to ensure your home or business is compliant, maintained and, most importantly, gas-safe. To keep yourself one step ahead of the game, check out our blog post 5 Essential Checks to Winter-Proof Your Heating System and How to Bleed Your Radiators to prepare your systems for the upcoming change in weather.

For gas safety advice and to find or check an engineer, visit the Gas Safe Register website at

Alternatively, call the free helpline on 0800 408 5500.

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