A day in the life of an apprentice at Plumbing and Gas Solutions

We recently asked our engineer Kellan to tell us what he enjoys most about his job, what a typical day looks like for him and how he got into the plumbing and gas industry.

What time do you normally wake up/set your alarm for each morning?

How long have you worked at PGS?
About a month now

What made you choose an apprenticeship?
My uncle and cousin are plumbers and I did some work experience with them and really enjoyed it

When do you get your schedule for your day?
The night before usually

What do you like to listen to on your way to jobs?

Do you work alone or with a team/partner?
With a team partner

Do you have the same clients or different ones each day/week?
We have different clients most of the time

Do you have any favourite clients/jobs?
Yes I like the domestic jobs because some of them I can do on my own but I also like commercial because I would like to learn from them

What do you enjoy the most about your job?
I like learning new things and then when it comes to it I’ll know what to do

Would you recommend an apprenticeship to others, if so why?
Yes 100% because it's the best way for young people to get involved with the outside world and start learning new things

A typical day at PGS

What time did you start?
I get to the unit 15 minutes early and start my day at 8am

What was your first client today?
Cranfield University

What was the job/issue?
Replace some old water heaters for some newer ones

Did you go to the jobs alone or with a partner?
Yes I was with a partner

How many clients did you have today?
Today we had a total of 4 clients, the first being Cranfield University for the morning but early on in the day we had a call about a domestic customer with a gas leak. We found that the gas steel pipe under the floor was damaged so we ran a new copper pipe instead. After that we had a job at Marshall’s in Leighton Buzzard with another leak from a radiator which was caused by it being hit multiple times by a door - we therefore replaced the majority of the pipe. The last job was a service on a valve in the plant room. There was no issues to the valve because last time it was properly serviced and we knew when we walked in there would be no issues with it.

Did you have any tricky jobs today?
The tricky job was the gas leak because we went into the job blind and therefore didn’t know what to expect.

What time did you finish?
5 pm

What time did you get home?

What did you have for dinner?

What does your home-life include?
College work, walking my girlfriend’s dog, and just relaxing at home

How do you unwind after a busy day?
Walking the dog and playing Xbox with my friends

What time do you go to bed?
On a work night it would be 10 pm on weekends usually 11 pm

Any hobbies/interests outside of work?
I like going on walks up the pods with my girlfriend’s dog and playing and watching football

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