Supporting water saving week 2021 - your top tips from PGS

Water Saving Week is an annual online event organised by not-for-profit NGO Waterwise. It aims to raise awareness of the issues around water use through sharing ideas, solutions and challenges and equipping people with the knowledge to save water and maintain its efficient use in their daily lives.

At PGS we support businesses across the UK to save water through effective water audits and device installation. Below are some of our top tips and advice on how you can save water throughout your business and the many advantages this brings.

Water efficiency at work

There are many benefits to reducing water consumption in the workplace including:

  • Reducing costs
  • Ensuring you comply with current and future environmental legislation
  • Reducing your carbon footprint
  • Improving your company’s environmental performance
  • Enhancing your brand’s reputation and generating positive PR.

Water fittings in commercial multi-occupancy buildings will experience more frequent use than in domestic properties which can deliver substantial payback. Setting water use targets can therefore be a great way to monitor your costs and potential savings, as well as getting your employees involved and practicing water efficiency.

Water saving devices

In commercial settings there are a range of services and devices that can deliver major cost savings, these include:

  • Urinal controls or waterless urinals
  • Efficient flush toilets
  • Automatic or sensor taps
  • Boiling taps
  • Flow restriction devices to tap outlets
  • Secondary return hot water loop to avoid waiting time
  • Intelligent heating system filling devices that notify you of any leaks

Remember your office kitchens when considering ways you can save water and find out whether your appliances have an eco-setting – if they do, make sure you use them.

Carl Yeomanson, Company Director says, “Having efficient water saving plans in place can save your business a substantial amount of money. Understanding your building’s plumbing system, where pipe work runs and valves are located can help you enormously when/if a situation arises. There can be huge savings in carrying out basic checks like water meter readings while the building is unoccupied to make sure you have no hidden leaks. Insulating pipe work is both cost effective from an energy efficiency point of view but also removing the risk of freezing and bursting which would result in significant water loss and damage.”

From carrying out a water audit to providing a personalised water management package to get the best water efficiency plan for your business, PGS can carry out a free site visit and provide professional advice and recommendations to ensure you have the best water efficiency plan for your business.

To book your free site visit or obtain a no obligation quote, please contact us today on 01908 569031 or email

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