Our staff are our greatest asset

The plumbing and gas sector continues to face significant skills gaps and without new people coming on board and receiving good quality training we will see huge problems in the not-too-distant future.

At PGS we have one of the biggest teams of highly-skilled engineers in the county who are able to work across complex projects and sectors, but this isn’t a lucky coincidence. Each year we take the time to complete in-depth appraisals with the whole team, encouraging staff to suggest improvements, identify challenges and help the business to continually improve.

Part of this process focuses specifically on bridging any skills gaps we feel need to be addressed whilst meeting the changing needs of our clients and the sector as a whole.

Following our latest round of appraisals, we will be providing a training programme for our engineers in the following areas:

  • LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) – LPG is an alternative fuel used in heating appliances, cooking equipment and vehicles.
  • TPCP1 – Testing and Purging of gas pipework over 150mm diameter – The course is for experienced operatives who wish to undertake tightness testing & direct purging of gas installation pipework over 1m3 volume!
  • Oftec – Oil heating & hot water appliances Qualification
  • Natural gas & LPG Domestic Fires and Cookers – Installation, servicing & repairs

This additional training will enable our engineers to gain valuable skills which will benefit both our clients and our business.

Steve Hammond is currently a Domestic Gas Engineer at Plumbing & Gas Solutions, he said “The support and value placed on our ongoing skills knowledge is something I really value at PGS. Once I’ve qualified and received this additional training, I’ll be able to service and work in off grid properties, mobile homes, caravans and boats which will open up the scale of projects I can work on whilst also meeting the specific needs of our clients.”

In addition to the training for engineers, all staff have already undertaken an essential Asbestos Awareness course whilst key staff will be trained in First Aid.

Earlier in the year, PGS partnered with well-known mental health charity Arthur Ellis in order to provide 1:1 services and essential strategies to support their staff’s well-being and mental health throughout the year.

The next session will take place shortly and will give staff essential tools do deal with the opening up of lockdown and strategies that can be used in the future in a variety of situations, such as road rage or other frustrations that may come up as we adjust back to normal.

Carl Yeomanson is the Managing Director at PGS and sister company Facilities Management Solutions said, "I genuinely love our industry and it’s crucial that we bring new people on board and provide them with good quality training. Sanitation and warmth are critical to every building, and plumbing and heating is something that is often taken for granted. We need to ensure our industry isn’t devalued and continues to operate at the highest level possible - this can only happen if we have a strong supply of good quality engineers."

As well as supporting his staff’s career progression and mental health, Carl is passionate about dedicating time outside of work to relax and bond with each other and he is therefore looking forward to celebrating the team’s first social activity since Christmas 2019, when he’ll be taking everyone to the first MK Dons Game of the season, followed by a box at Towcester Racecourse.

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