Welcome to our latest apprentice Archie Goodman

It’s no secret that we’re extremely passionate about supporting the next generation of talent at PGS and FMS which is why we invest so much time into our apprenticeship scheme and nurturing new and local talent.

The last 12 months has been a difficult time for many businesses but even more so for young people looking to start their careers and get hands-on experience in the workplace and we’ve seen many apprentices being let down or missing out on opportunities they had hoped to begin during the pandemic.

We therefore feel extremely proud to be able to offer our latest apprentice, Archie the chance to thrive in an exciting and ever-changing industry and to gain valuable skills working with some of the county’s leading names, whilst surrounded by our highly experienced team of engineers.

Archie Goodman is 19 and has been with us for a month now – he spoke to us about why he chose the apprenticeship route and what he has enjoyed most about working with us.

Before I started my apprenticeship with Plumbing and Gas Solutions, I was a general yard worker in a scrap yard. After meeting Carl at a social event and having a long discussion about my future and where I wanted to be he asked if I would be interested in an apprenticeship to help me reach these future goals. After an interview and a few trial days he then offered me an apprenticeship which I accepted.

A trade was always something I looked into doing, but was never sure what trade that would be. After meeting the team at PGS and learning about the opportunities an apprenticeship could have and the potential for future development, I looked forward to starting with PGS and beginning a new chapter in my working career.

Within my first few weeks at PGS I have been to many different jobs, from large commercial companies to smaller domestic jobs. Having an opportunity to look and work in these different environments has really helped me with my own development as it has two very different styles and ways to working within the team.

I like the fact that the PGS team are very close, friendly and always willing to lend a hand. Coming into this apprenticeship I didn’t really know much about the plumbing and gas sector, but as time goes on, I am starting to feel a lot more confident within my own work while still having the professional help from the team.

What I like most about PGS as a company is that we have a very professional work team but yet still have fun within our unit, this allows a healthy work space as it enables people to be themselves yet still have the ability to adapt to the professional mindset when at our next job.

The apprenticeship I am doing is a heating and ventilation apprenticeship which lasts for two years and at the end of this I would like to become fully qualified and work full time with PGS.

I like to feel I bring a young but motivated personality to the team. I also feel like I have fit into the team at PGS well and would like to continue with the professional reputation the company holds.

Carl Yeomanson, Managing Director at Plumbing and Gas Solutions said:

“Apprentices are the future generation of our business and a guaranteed way to grow naturally while sticking to the core values that has placed us as the regions number one commercial heating and plumbing mechanical contractor.

We already have 3 apprentices so I wasn’t actively looking for another just yet but I’ve always got my eye out for any potential diamonds that pop up and Archie is one of them. Some people just have what it takes and you can tell just by taking the time to talk to them. Attitude, positivity & willingness to learn is the biggest factors to take into consideration, everything else can be taught along the way. I know he is going to be a great addition to our awesome industry.”

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