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Water Treatment

Plumbing & Gas Solutions provide specialist water treatment services in Milton Keynes. With the ability to offer bespoke water treatment services to a range of customers whether it be for domestic or commercial purposes. So what does water treatment actual involve?

There are several different methods for treating water in a property. The type of treatment required will depend on the application and site owner’s expectations. The range of solutions can often get confused or misrepresented and for this reason we offer our customers a free no obligation quotation for our water treatment services in Milton Keynes. Overall water treatment is the process in which the water is purified for better end use, which could be for drinking, industrial or medical use in some cases.


Legionella Testing

We can provide a range of treatments including Legionella Testing. We are proud to say that we are able to test professionally in a variety of environments that include:

  • Commercial Properties & Rentals
  • Schools & Nurseries
  • GP Surgeries & Practices
  • Dental Surgeries
  • Nursing & Care Homes
  • Hotels & Leisure Facilities

Water Softeners

Are you situated in a Hard Water area? Water Softeners are designed to remove the minerals that cause scale and scum to form from hard water, making it cleaner and more efficient for commercial or domestic use. Softeners have grown in popularity as they can help you save money, improve your appliance efficiency, increase your appliance life expectancy, completely remove limescale and completely reduces cleaning time.

If you would like more information on our water treatment services in Milton Keynes, please Contact Us today to arrange your free no obligation quotation.